Course Descriptions: Communication Arts

CA 090 College Reading and Writing I

This course will help students improve their critical reading skills while they develop fluency in writing.

CA 091 College Reading and Writing II

This course continues CA 090. Students work with a variety of instructional materials to master a full range of reading and writing processes before taking CA 151 Composition I. Extra lab time is required. Satisfactory passing score on placement examination or grade of “C” or better in CA 090.

CA 151 Composition I

This course introduces students to academic writing. The focus will be on writing as a process and problem-solving tool. Organizational tactics and persuasive techniques will be emphasized. Students will learn to use the A.P.A. (American Psychological Association) guidelines for formatting, citation, and documentation. PREREQUISITE: Satisfactory passing score on placement examination or grade of “C” or better in CA 091.

CA 161 Introduction to Intercultural Communication

3 (F )
This course examines communicative encounters among people of different cultural, ethnic, and minority groups. Local, national, and global in scope, the course also analyzes identity, verbal and nonverbal communication, popular culture, intercultural relationships, and multicultural communication in applied settings. Practical guidelines for enhancing intercultural interactions will be offered while noting the layers of complexity in communicating across cultural boundaries.

CA 165 Introduction to Public Speaking

This course is designed to develop the student’s speaking abilities. Students acquire an understanding of basic rhetorical theory and its application in a variety of speech situations. Listening, speaking and critiquing abilities are emphasized. This course addresses the following topics: speech preparation and delivery, forming and fielding questions, audience analysis, listening skills, critiquing, and speaker anxiety.

CA 222 Media Writing

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of newsgathering in print and broadcast journalism. The course covers basic skills necessary for newsgathering such as reporting techniques, story composition, and interviewing methods. This course will focus on digital media and the convergence of new technologies in journalism.

CA 251 Composition II

This course continues the opportunity to develop writing and thinking skills and reinforces the use of the writing process necessary for higher-level academic writing. Students will continue to use the A.P.A. guidelines and be introduced to a variety of academic documentation and citation styles from the primary academic disciplines. Assignments, projects and the final research paper will be determined by the individual student’s chosen field of study. PREREQUISITE: CA 151

CA 252 Fundamentals of Creative

This course introduces the principles and techniques of various kinds of creative writing, ranging from personal expression in simple narrative and description to basic elements of fiction and poetry. Students will engage in writing exercises, try various writing techniques, and complete a final portfolio. No prior experience in creative writing required.

CA 253 Introduction to Acting

Uses theatre games and scripted material to introduce the student to basic concepts of the art of acting. Uses formal speech and drama presentations to develop student performance skills and comfort with public presentations. The student will gain an appreciation for the art of acting both from the point of view of the audience and the performer.