Course Descriptions: Computer Applications

CS 080 Basic Computer Literacy

The student will learn to identify the parts and the functions of the parts of personal computers. Following that knowledge, this course will cover the topics of developing hand-eye coordination by mouse usage and basic keyboard skills such as text production and use of the function keys. Students will be introduced to such varied topics as use of an internet browser, how to establish and maintain an email account, how to text message, how to navigate such programs as basic word processing and accessories programs, using established databases and search engines to find information on the internet, and being able to copy, save, and print documents from various sources.

CS 150 Introduction to Computers

A basic, introductory course in personal computers using Microsoft Windows and Office Suite applications. This course also covers PC history, hardware, software and operating concepts. The student will receive hands on experience in MS Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other programs. This course is a prerequisite for all other computer courses.

CS 151 Word Processing

This course expands the student’s skills in word processing using MS Word. Topics covered include working with files, creating a document, creating form letters and mailing labels, creating on-screen forms, using advance table techniques, and managing long documents. Students will learn basic document formatting and gain skill using MS Word. Lab time using the computer will be required. PREREQUISITE: CS 150

CS 154 Operating Systems

This course will introduce students to personal computer operating systems. MS Windows and other PC operating systems will be studied. Lab topics and practice will include installing, configuring, maintaining and repairing operating systems using MS Windows. There will be a balance between conceptual material and hands-on activities. PREREQUISITE: CS 150.

CS 156 Spreadsheets

In this course students will learn to manage and manipulate numerical data in a spreadsheet using MS Excel. Topics covered will include spreadsheet terminology, creating worksheets, formatting data, working with formulas and functions, printing, working with charts, and graphics. Advance topics may include Table and Scenario Management, using Solver and importing data into Excel. Lab time will be incorporated in the class.

CS 157 Desktop Publishing and
Computer Graphics

In this course students will learn to use DTP software (Microsoft Publisher) to design and produce a variety of documents including brochures, flyers, and newsletters. Students will also learn to use presentation software (MS PowerPoint) to create and modify graphic presentations. Basic functions of photo editing software will be used to prepare images used with these other programs. PREREQUISITE: CS 150.

CS 158 Database Management

This course is designed to build on knowledge gained in CS 156. Students will learn to use MS Access to build tables, queries, forms and reports. They will learn to organize, manage and secure a database. Lab time using the computer will be required. PREREQUISITES: CS 156