Course Descriptions: Information Technology

IT 150 PC Repair

This course will introduce students to the hardware components and software programs that are used to make and maintain a personal computer. The class will include lectures, labs, and real world troubleshooting activities. Course is based on the CompTIA A+Certification objectives. PREREQUISITE: CS 150

IT 240 Web Design

This semester course is designed to familiarize students with the creation and management of web pages and web sites. Students will learn basic HTML structure and formatting, web page creation using Microsoft Frontpage and Macromedia Dreamweaver, and image creation and alternation using Macromedia Fireworks and Flash. PREREQUISITE: CS 150.

IT 260 Local Area Networks

This course is an introduction to computer networking. Course will cover terminology, protocols, topologies, and cabling. There will be an overview of IP addressing, Ethernet, wireless technology and servers. It will include lectures, labs, and real world networking activities. Course is based on the CompTIA Network+ Certification objectives. PREREQUISITE: IT 150

IT 277 Internship

3-9 (Variable) OD
One semester of hands-on study/work with the IT department staff. Tasks will include daily maintenance of the college’s PC network, including email, web updates, user logons, printer maintenance, and internet connectivity. This course is typically completed during the final semester in attendance. Instructor consent.