Course Descriptions: Native American Studies

NS 150 Introduction to Native American Studies

Prehistory, ethnography and cultural ecology of Indians in North America. Analysis of different culture areas will be examined. Brief survey of the historical relationship between Indian/European contact.

NS 151 Tribal Governments

A study of American Indian tribal political systems and tribal institutions and their role in decision making.

NS 155 Social Issues of the Native American

An examination of the sociology of Native American’s emphasis on issues raised by the interface of the Native American culture and values of the majority culture: including problem areas such as alcoholism, education, health, crime and intercultural relations.

NS 160 Introduction to American Indian Art

A study of Native American art expressions as influenced by a diversified culture. Symbolic meaning of Native American art, and a familiarization with some basic techniques of Native American art are included.

NS 251 Law and the American Indian

Examines the legal issues involved in contemporary Native American life.

NS 252 Introduction to Native American Literature

An exploration of the historical and contemporary contributions made by Native American writers to the literature of the Western Hemisphere.

NS 270 History of the Cheyenne People

A survey of the evolving history of the Cheyenne people, their social organization and structure. Examines the different cultural characteristics between Cheyenne and predominant Euro-American culture that has led to misunderstanding and conflict.