Course Descriptions: Cheyenne Studies

CH 120 Plains Indian Sign Language I

Introduction to the “universal language” of the tribes of the interior plains region of North America.

CH 121 Plains Indian Sign Language II

Continuation of the “universal language” of the tribes of the interior plains region of North America.

CH 131 Cheyenne Beadwork I

An introduction to traditional crafts and art forms of the Cheyenne people. Introduction to traditional designs, symbols, and meanings of colors. Emphasis is on beadwork and beading techniques.

CH 132 Cheyenne Beadwork II

Continued exploration of Cheyenne design through advanced beading. Completion of a major beading project is required. PREREQUISITE: CH 131 or consent of

CH 161 Cheyenne Language I

An introduction to the Cheyenne language to provide non-Cheyenne speaking students with insights into Cheyenne culture via alphabetic and pronunciation keys, basic concrete concepts, and special manner/emphasis nouns.

CH 162 Cheyenne Language II

Continuing study of the Cheyenne language emphasizing verbs, adjectival and adverbial participles, locatives, and conjunctions to increase and enhance speaking ability. PREREQUISITE: CH 161 or demonstrated ability to speak rudimentary Cheyenne.

CH 181 Foundations in Cheyenne Oral
Tradition I

An introduction to the philosophy and psychology of the Northern Cheyenne people as expressed and retained by tribal oral tradition.

CH 182 Foundations in Cheyenne Oral Tradition II

A continuation of Northern Cheyenne philosophy and psychology as maintained by the oral tradition of the tribe.

CH 250 Ethnobotany

This course is a study of the uses of native plants by the traditional Native American cultures of the Northern Plains region with particular emphasis on how such plants were and are utilized by the Northern Cheyenne people. Scheduled field trips are a required part of this course.

CH 261 Cheyenne Language III

Second year course designed to refine speaking ability and increase fluency in the Cheyenne language. Basic reading skills are also developed. PREREQUISITE: CH 162 or demonstrated fluency in spoken Cheyenne.

CH 262 Cheyenne Language IV

Continued development of Cheyenne language speaking and reading skills and introduction to writing in the language. Translational work is introduced. PREREQUISITE: CH 261.