College continues closure until April 30, 2020 due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Students, please contact your instructor for course completion requirements.

College is Closed until April 30, 2020 due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Students, please contact your instructor for course completion requirements.

Special Announcement For Students

Chief Dull Knife College
To Our Students:

We know that this period of online/distance delivery has been difficult for you…be assured that it has been for the faculty and staff as well. There are many of you that are asking questions as to the future and we will try to answer many of them here.

Will the college have face to face classes at all this spring? We met today (March 30)and have determined to continue with distance delivery until April 30th. We will meet again on April 14th to see if we can modify that position to allow for face to face classes before finals week beginning May 4th. We are also discussing the possibility of extending past the May date in certain classes. When we know the answers we will contact you through email, Facebook and the college webpage.

Will there be graduation? We sure hope so but again, that is something that is dependent on the virus and federal, state, and tribal policies. We will have a meeting to cover that on April 14th but we have had suggestions that include an online style graduation, delaying until after summer session, postponing a few weeks, and cancelling graduation altogether. When we have something solid we will let everyone know.

Will there be a summer session and how do we sign up? We hope so…again it is all dependent on the status of the virus in late May and June. Summer session is scheduled to begin on June 9th. We will post the schedule on the website this week. As for enrolling we will need to discuss the process hopefully on the 14th and then let you know through your instructors and the website.

What happens to my financial aid if one of the classes that I was supposed to take has been canceled and I go below full-time status? Unfortunately the federal government’s regulations require that when you fall below 12 credits/full time for a semester, for any reason, we must recalculate your aid. The Department of Education /Federal Student Aid office in their Coronavirus advisory to colleges and restated that policy. In that advisory they noted that we do not have the authority to waive that requirement.

When will scholarships and financial aid be sent out? These should be sent out on their normal schedule. We hope to have members of the business office in on April 8th to process payments of various kinds and hope that those will be included. We will let you know through Facebook and the College website on those developments.

One last thing, please remember to be in touch with your instructors, stick with it, and turn in your work. The library drop box is being used for assignment drop off if needed and the math lab is open if you need computer time.

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