President's Message

Dr. Richard LittlebearIt has been my privilege and honor to serve as the President of Chief Dull Knife College since September of 1999. Currently, I am both the President and the Interim Dean of Cultural Affairs. Both positions keep me busy and both make it interesting to work at Chief Dull Knife. Some wise person has said that if you have a good job then it is not a job at all but something fun and interesting to do and still get paid for it. That’s the way I feel about working with the many fine people who work at Chief Dull Knife College. Yes, the job does have its ups and downs but the ups more than compensate for the downs.

I am going on and on about the job because I want everybody associated with Chief Dull Knife College to enjoy their jobs. I want the students to come to the College and be met by people who serve the Cheyenne people with evident pride. I know its a cliche’ but the foremost reason we are all here is for the students. We want them to be educated in an environment that is conducive to learning but the students have to do their part, too. They have to attend classes, complete assignments, finish projects and focus on going to a four-year college, a vo-tech
school, or to a better job. Getting an education is very important because it broadens experiences, increases options in job selection and career alternatives. But most of all, education can lead to a better quality of life for family members, especially for children. I believe that if the elders from past centuries came back to us today, they would counsel Cheyennes to become educated because they would see it as a powerful weapon to use against poverty; ill-health, drugs, physical, and alcohol abuse; and for the perpetuation of our Cheyenne language and culture. Hena’haanehe.

Dr. Richard Littlebear